HPC LAB Workstations

The HPC lab is equipped with several high-end workstations. These workstations have 16 Cores of Processor, 64GB of RAM, 1TB of Storage and NVIDIA GTX cards.




Intel Xeon 831245 / Xeon E5-2630v3

Nvidia GTX 670/GTX 970

1 TB per Workstation

1 Gbps Network

HPC LAB Details


Please send an email to support.hpc@iitgn.ac.in with a copy to your supervisor. Also please do let us know the duration of the account required and the list of software which you wish to run.

The quota for each user is 50 GB in home directory. quota -v your username /home/username

No Scheduling has been implemented here.

It is strongly recommended that users backup their files-folders periodically, as Supercomputer support team will not be having a mechanism to backup users’ data. 

Yes, users can run jobs in these servers in an interactive manner.

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