IITGN’s new campus at Palaj is well connected  through a 10Gbps high speed optical fiber internal network with 2Gbps Internet link from National Knowledge Network (NKN). The academic and residential buildings are fully LAN and WiFi enabled. In order to achieve 100% redundancy and zero downtime in Internet services, an additional Internet Lease Line (ILL) of 250Mbps (1:1 dedicated Fiber link) from Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL), as well as landlines (Primary Rate Interface (PRI)) for 2000 numbers for providing VoIP services is in operation. Using the Smart Monitoring Tools available in the Firewall, the manageability and monitoring of the utilization of the bandwidths, for both NKN and BSNL connections, have become seamless.

Our campus is protected by a firewall device from Checkpoint that has been commissioned in order to secure the network from external threats, bots, controlling abusive usage in the network have been very easy. In addition, the firewall device also enables users to connect to campus network through Virtual Private Network.

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