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Xilinx Vivado

Downloadable software

The software given in the table below use the network licenses for authentication, and therefore will work inside the IIT Gandhinagar network only.

Software Download Links Supporting Information
R2023a (64 bit Windows): 64 bit
R2023a (64 bit Linux): 64 bit
R2023a for Mac: 64 bit
R2022a (64 bit Windows): 64 bit
R2022a (64 bit Linux): 64 bit
R2022a for Mac: 64 bit
R2021a (64 bit Windows): 64 bit
R2021a (64 bit Linux): 64 bit
R2021a for Mac: 64 bit
R2020a (64 bit Windows): 64 bit
R2020a (64 bit Linux): 64 bit
R2020a for Mac: 64 bit
License Server:
License file, License key  Installation guide for 2020a: WindowsMacLinux
17.2 (64 bit windows): Disk-1Disk-2
17.2 (64 bit linux): Disk-1Disk-2Disk-3
18.0 (64 bit windows): Disk-1Disk-2
18.0 (64 bit linux): Disk-1Disk-2Disk-3
19.0 (64 bit windows): Disk-1Disk-2
19.0 (64 bit linux): Disk-1Disk-2Disk-3
License Server:
Installation guide for 2018b: WindowsLinux
CAD clients 11.06.010 for Windows: 64 bit
CAD clients 11.06.010 for Linux: 64 bit
CAD clients 12.02.010 for Windows: 64 bit
CAD clients 12.02.010 for Linux: 64 bit
License server:
Installation guide: WindowsLinux
Autodesk Inventor 2023 (64 bit windows): Disk-1Disk-2, Disk-3
License server:
Installation guide: Windows
5.6a for Windows: 64 bit
5.6a for Linux: 64 bit
5.6a for Mac: 64 bit
5.3a for Windows: 64 bit
5.3a for Linux: 64 bit
5.3a for Mac: 64 bit
License server:
Installation guide: Windows,Linux,Mac
12.0.0 for Windows: 64 bit
12.0.0 for Linux: 64 bit
12.0.0 for Mac: 64 bit
11.0.1 for Windows: 64 bit
11.0.1 for Linux: 64 bit
11.0.1 for Mac: 64 bit
gridMathematica 11.3.0 for Windows: 64 bit
gridMathematica 11.3.0 for Linux: 64 bit
gridMathematica 11.3.0 for Mac: 64 bit
License server:
Installation guide:
Origin 9.4 for Windows: 32 bit64 bit
License server:
Installation guide: Windows
Aspentech Aspentech-Blue for Windows: 64 bit
License server:
Installation guide: Windows
ETABS ETABS for Windows: 64 bit
License server:
Installation guide: Windows
SAP2000 SAP2000 for Windows: 64 bit
License server:
Installation guide: Windows
CSI CSI for Windows: 64 bit
Installation guide: Windows
Windows 10 Upgrade Windows 10 Upgrade: 64 bit
Xilinx Vivado 2019.2_1106_2127: 64 bit Installation guide: Windows/Linux/Mac
Microsoft 365

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